Do you suffer from stress, burn-out, overthinking or restlesness? If so, haptotherapy can help!

When thoughts and feelings are not in line with the life you want to lead, a variety of physical and mental symptoms develop such as:

  • You feel restless;
  • You tend to overthink;
  • You feel depressed or suffer from anxiety;
  • You feel stressed/ burnt out;
  • You don’t feel connected to yourself or others;
  • You have problems with setting boundries;
  • You experience problems in your relationship.

The haptotherapist can help you to restore the balance between your thoughts and feelings. By exercises and through touch we explore what your body is telling you and help you how to listen and act up on its signals. Through this approach haptotherapy increases emotional awareness, develops your unique potential, improves resilience and vitality.

Haptotherapy is a recognised form of therapy that is partly paid for by your health insurance, when you have an additional insurance. A GP’s referral is not required.