Haptotherapy in Amstelveen

Haptonomy was founded in the 1960’s by Frans Veldman (1921-2010). He called it “the science of affectivity”. Haptotherapy uses affective contact (touch) to improve health and restore balance.

Every human being is born with the ability to feel what is good for him/her and what is not and to respond to that by attraction or withdrawing from that specific situation. In the current society and over the course of a lifetime we tend to forget to listen to what our body tells us. We listen more to what we “think” is good. Rational thinking takes over leading to less contact with our natural ability to feel.

When thoughts and feelings are not in line with the life you want to lead, a variety of physical and mental symptoms develop such as restlessness, overthinking, depression, stress and burn-out.

The haptotherapist can help you to restore the balance between your thoughts and feelings. By doing specific exercises and through affective touch we explore what your body is telling you and learn how to listen and act up on its signals. Through this approach haptotherapy increases emotional awareness, develops your unique potential, improves resilience and vitality.

Haptotherapy is a recognised form of therapy that is partly paid for by your health insurance, when you have an additional insurance. A GP’s referral is not required in order to claim haptotherapy from your health ensurance provider. Treatments typically last around 50-60 minutes, are mostly every other week and cost 85 euros. Fees are paid for by pin, and you will receive a bill that you can send to your insurance provider.

I am a member of the Vereniging voor Haptotherapeuten (VVH).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via: info@maaikebroere.nl or 06-18213833.

New: Now I am also open on Wednesday evening from 18:00-22:00!